My Husband's article about Middle East Jewish Identity was published

My husband wrote an article about middle east Jewery.

The article was translated to Arabic but not yet to english. I will try to provide at least an abstract of his main arguments in English

The new Oriental Jewish  people movements do not seek true partnership with the Palestinian people. Because they do not meet the Palestinian people at the employment bureau or trying to claim their   social security rights.My husband has been following the rise of Mizrahi Jewish movements

He was delighted to see the educated youth of Mizrahi Jews organise, form bonds & mobilize.The two new Mizrahi movements are contesting over conceptualization, realization and formation of   Jewish- Oriental (Mizrahi) identityTor Hazahav- the "Golden Age" movements constructs the   Mizrahi identity by using Zionist materials & adding nationalistic contents.

The Golden movement constructs a demand for sovereignty instead of a demand for equality into the Mizrahi identity discourse.

  On the other side of trench, the Joint Mizrahi list- a group of Mizrahi intellectuals who are allies of the Palestinian party- end up backing the worst regimes- Such as Butcher Al Assad & Hizballah in Syria or Mubarak in Egypt. The problem with their conceptualization of Mizrahi identity is that they misinterpret  the meaning of: Arab- and they confuse an an enemy's enemy for a friend.

So, what my husband is wishing for is a more holistic conceptualization of Mizrahi identity. Love of Zion can exist without a claim for the subordination of other people. Subordination of others and suppression  must not become the foundation of Mizrahi Identity but so shouldn't 'Arabism'- categorizing the Mizrahi Identity into ethnicism.The Arabs are heterogenic groups and individuals. the speak in many voices. It is Okay to choose between Arab allies- and one cannot back Assad or lend him legitimacy.The actions of Hizzballah against Palestinian population in Syria are also not something to credit with legitimacy just out of orientalist sense of ethnicity and cultural relativism


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