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At Work

We found the baby bird at work. It must have fallen from its nest, but I don't know where the nest was. Besides I was afraid that if I touch the baby bird, Its mother wouldn't want it anymore. I assume the Baby Bird was very afraid from us

Tahrir- An Oriental Bar at the heart of Shuk

It is quite dangerous for me, an oxidental to refer to something as Oriental but I must do this time because the Tahrir is branded as Oriental bar by its owner- Yair Kokhavi who's made it a life project to promote oriental culture.So. What is so oriental about the Bar? First, its location between the Shuk's     merchant. The music too- a big part of the Tahrir experience is to enjoy the music in public Sometimes there are live gigs & the musician always get paid with cash.We celebrated my husband's birthday at the Tahrir

Mr Cat

Mister Cat is not originally my cat. He belonged to a friend of mine who got seriously sick. His request was that we keep Mr Cat with us until he gets better and can look after him by himself. Meanwhile my friend isn't getting better and Mr. Cat stays with us. He has a good bond with the other cat that we do own as much as one can own a cat. He is a very sweet tiger

The Flower I got from Moeen  Odeh's daughter

I'm glad I got to keep the flower I got from Moeen Odeh's daughter. Moeen Odeh is a civil advocate from Kufr Aqab. He gave us a one and a hour talk about the difficulties of East Jerusalem living, much of them due to municipal neglect. At the end of the talk I went outside to smoke and met Mooeen 's Daugther, a  toddler. She picked to flower in the photo and gave it to me..

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