Talk by Civil Advocate Mohin Odeh & his wife


(25/6) The event was at Barbur Gallery

West Jerusalem & was organised by "Free Jerusalem"- this is their Facebook

This is what  Free Jerusalem wrote  about the event

سحديثوننا كيف تسير حياتهم في المساحة الموصلة بالقدس و المقطوعة عنها بآن واحد.
اكثر من مئة الف فلسطيني يعيشون خلف جدار الفصل، هؤلاء يشكلون ثلث تعداد الفلسطينيين في القدس، هم يعيشون بدون بنى تحتية، او خدمات او تحت اي سلطة من بلدية القدس او السلطة الفلسطينية.
في هذه الحارات النشطاء و الناشطات يديرون نضالهم اليومي ابتدأ بأبسط الأمور الى اعسرها.
تعالوا لتسمعوا عن نشاطهم و على الحياة في ظل الجدار

A talk with Palestinian activists from across the separation wall in Jerusalem.
How do life wםrk in a place that is separate and connected to Jerusalem at the same time?
More than 100,000 Jerusalemites are living today across the separation wall.
It is about a third of the Palestinian population of Jerusalem, that live with no infrastructure, services or governance by the Jerusalem municipality nor the PLO.
In these neighborhoods activists are struggling for the biggest and the smallest things. Come hear
about their activity and about the life under the shadow of the Wall

The activist speaking is Human rights advocate Moheen Odeh from Kufr Aqab and his wife.I didn't get her name. She has a master degree in Education but cannot teach because the conditions of the Palestinian education systems are so bad: the classes are over-crowded, the infrastructure- classes are without ventilators or air conditioning. The smell of burnt garbage makes breath sore. Moheen spoke about his legal activity- trying to appeal against municipal neglect- the garbage disposal & road infrastructure.



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