– Quotes Herzfeld Anthropology, 2001

So. i've been studying for my exams & figured out a way to make my study more interesting: I am posting reflections & summaries of what I read to my blog.

Anthropology: Theoretical Practice in Culture and Society

ISBN: 978-0-631-20659-0
388 pages
December 2000, ©2001, Wiley-Blackwell

Anthropology, Herzfeld argues is the study of common sense. The term itself is deceiving:what is common for one society is uncommon at another and what makes sense in one society isn't so at another. Anthropology has a dark past of  Western sense of superiority over 'primitive' societies that is reflected in evolutionist views, but Anthropology has evolved beyond that paradigm as it implies upon the observer the same assumptions it implies upon the observed. The rise of Urban social forms also obscures the line between observed and observer. Anthropologists must be cautious  of over- universalization of societies. Anthropology learns from its own mistakes and finds value in  s destabilization of received ideas. such as ethnicity and nationality.

Anthropologists carry moral obligation to fight racism via education and also to disseminate the riches of knowledge to the broad population.

 The notion of cultural particularity is contested by homogenization of form of knowledge.There is a danger of over simplification in universalization. Morever, Globalization creates new forms of agency and structures that need to be tended too.



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