Call for action: Save Yarmouk Camp (English and Arabic)

I did not write here for a while but this is more important than anything I have to say about myself.

Abir Kopty مدوّنة عبير قبطي



Save Yarmouk

ISIS has invaded Yarmouk refugee camp in cooperation with Al Nusra front after clashes that lasted for a few days. This happened after two years of continuous siege imposed by the Syrian regime and its collaborators. The camp is completely ignored and neglected by both official and non-official bodies, leaving  the inhabitants of the camp and its defenders without any support.

Residents of the Yarmouk camp are still showing a steadfastness as they have done during the years of the siege, but, as the camp is transferred into  an open battle field, the risk for murder, expulsion and arrest is acute, especially after ISIS has demanded the residents of the camp to hand over their sons who have fought against ISIS, and after ISIS has initiated a kidnap campaign of tens of them.

We are standing today, the Palestinian people and those in solidarity with…

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