Women In Black face violence

This is no breaking news. Violence in the public sphere is a casual, ordinary thing, we must ask-how do we define violence at all? Does it required injuries, bruises, people hospitalized? Does it have to involve knocking people to the ground? Punching or kicking them? What about verbal abuse? Intimidating body language? The women in Black has been protesting for over thirty years, since 1988. Many things happened in Israel/Palestine during this period. There has been rounds of escalation in  corollary with events such as the first intifada. Violence abrupt like volcano. It later extinguish. 'I can recall an incident in which Itamar Ben Gvir (right wing activist) beat me on my head' Said Tsili, quite indifferently. What happens to women who face violence, mostly verbal, occasional physical violence during decades of political activity? I'm talking about women who are relatively privileged- The women in black vigils are not illegal- Police doesn't forcibly disperse the protest as it does in the west bank and Police does defend the protesters in sever cases of violence while turning a blind eye on mild ones and treating assailants in a rather friendly manner. I don't have the means to conduct a research about this matter. I can share my reflections about this. Tamar Lehahn, a veteran wib said, it is our ability as women, to be resilient, and not to expect immediate results. I think that in the end, these women, despite their privileges, are extremely enduring.Their became indifferent to harassment.They don't get excited over anything  and they do not trust the police to defend them.I could say they became persistent, fierce,almost stubborn.It doesn't mean they don't get aggravated or scared sometimes. Nobody panic when objects hurled towards us, or people wish us death.The women in black can recall all kinds of incidents.This Women in Black weekly vigil I showed up late.I got stuck in trafficIt turns out that one of the counter protesters,one of the regular ones,  crossed the road and started to shout at the women,threatening to 'silence the protest', eventually tearing a banner & breaking its poles.As Tsili , another veteran activist , attempted to intervene, she was aggressively intimidated by him, and might have taken an beating had another protester of our side intervened. I heard all of it from Tamar and Tsilli who were still standing there as I arrived.The least I can do is write down a brief summary on this incident



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