Every moment was a crime

Now that there is a cease fire I can finally lay my head to rest.
Wars make me so weary I could sleep a thousand years
Rid the world of my guilt my good intentions.
You see, during days of carnage time ; becomes as heavy.
Time flows as heavy as radioactive water.
Every fraction of a second becomes
A glimpse into the possibility of non existence,
Of a world without my good will and great compassion,
How would anyone survive me?
Every minute & half is what they had to bid farewell
To all material belonging, whatever it is they have or don't
Choose what will be consumed by fire.
And every minute was a crime.
Every minute we didn't lay back in front of their tanks and planes
And cried: Over Our dead bodies! Not in Our Name! !
The shock we felt while bearing witness was criminal neglect.
We forgot our people were capable of every atrocity
and we refused to acknowledge
How incapable we were for anything but bearing witness:
Gaza bombed us back with words and images
and we failed to capture every sound coming
From there:
there are too many human voices crying  out during bombardments
And forgive me for cheering Hamas rockets, nothing is as terrible as  war save for that eternal silence,
There is too much silence left in the aftermath of a world that lost so many children, so much good will and great compassion,
So many good intentions and homes of dreams, what else could we do, without their good will, without their great intentions burried under the rubble. 

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