An attempted Hit &Run hate crime in Yaffa.

I have encountered this report on a facebook wall, and I translated  & published it per that person's permission. He is a well known activist from Yaffa.
As I was walking down the speed, a car intentionally raced towards my direction, nearly hitting me.
The driver just went on driving after that incident, indifferent to the potential consequences of his previous actions.
I followed that car to a nearby parking lot where he was headed, trying to figure out what was he trying to do.
I told the guy in the car: You retard!!! What were you trying to do?!
He said, Get the f***k out of here.
I cursed him about a dozen of times.
He said :Too bad I didn't kill you, ya Al Qaeda,  ya Mohamad Deif .
He pulled out a Shabariye, a huge knife.
Shove this knife up your **s I said.
He said : I also have a pistol, how about you take some bullets?
I kicked the hell out of his car.
He called the Police. He said " I'm sending you border police, you Arab.
I hope they throw you into Abu Kabir."
I left the scene.
Here is one more reason to leave, and to the hell with this country.

I redacted his name to protect his identity. I might edit this post later is he chooses too.
This kind of racist attacks towards non-Jews,Palestinians have become quite usual.
Most of these hate crimes go unnoticed and unpublished most of the times.
They happen a lot more more than usual.
While translating this post, I tried to stick to its original language, without any attempt to refine it,
Or apply my own commentary to this situation. I think that the person who wrote this is very brave,
Speaking out in a reality in which one cannot walk the street safely by himself without being exposed to the risk of racist attack.
Let alone act in self defense without a risk of being imprisoned.


Screenshot of the original post in hebrew

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