Death holds my peace (Poem)

Under the same skies on different sea
On the shores of the same sea, under different skies
My heart is burried under the rubble
My soul wanders without a body on deserted streets.
Here is where I fled my own people.
Here is where they knocked me to the ground
And how I wished this city to burn
In bitterness and anger
under different skies I chased death himself,
I cried, Death Don't Go to Gaza Habibti.
I wrote letters and asked the waves to carry
the best of my wishes to the people of Gaza,
While at the empty  streets I cried in rage,
This city is so full of hate,
Those people are all warlords
And I will not shake hands with the bloody handed!
My brothers came back from the war with death in their eyes
How I fell in love with them all,
I wanted to bring them all to see the face of Earth on Sunrise
But no tears were left in my blood, I wanted to give them my blood,
But my blood was calling me somewhere else where I cannot be disowned of my own humanity,
I called my brothers to avenge me as I knew I was defeated, How I wished this city to burn
In bitterness and anger, I burried my soul under the rubble I wanted to be the first to throw the stone,
The first to break language, what is mine will never break, How my blood turned to roses to decorate the graves of my dead brothers
Those who killed and those who got killed, I had no lamentation, I could never forget how the skies were dark and made of fires
I dug tunnels to Gaza to smuggle myself in, to chase death himself,
Ask him to give me back my brothers but death held my peace and may I hold my peace as well.


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