Women in black protest vigil 08.08.2014- attacked.


You might never know what breaks you.
I know that I am broken now.
I do not regret what I did, I am just angry.
I am angry with the Israeli police that stood idle as we were being attacked.
I am angry to see how misogyny causes people to think that women,
especially elderly women,
are not supposed to voice out opinions, especially not political ones.
And it was misogyny that drove people to cuss us, to spit on us,
to threaten us, to throw things at us, shout at us, intimidate us.
That Friday morning was supposed to be the aftermath of this recent round of escalation.
Only in the morning we discovered that Israel refused the demand to re-open the seaport, 
and Hamas resumed  its armed struggle for it.
The women in black came as they do in the last 30 to offer another way round:
A way of dialog. They came with a very simple demand, to end the occupation.
The responses were so violent I can't even describe.
Women in Black vigil in Jerusalem 8.8.14‏:

I am still trying to recover, but you can see the video for yourself.

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