The faces of Zionist protesters: Attacking elderly women too.

As if we needed more proof of the lunacy within the Israeli right wing protesters. The current death toll in Gaza jumped to 1600 on Friday. The right wing got what they wanted: Palestinian blood was spilled as water. The government in charge is from the right wing and is inciting more violence everyday as the Israeli left is impotent. Still, for the right wing it is not enough. The right wing activists attack Israeli leftists and Palestinians on a daily basis in the name of 'national unity'. This Friday,  they targeted a protest vigil of elderly women too. The protest vigil, that has been going on for the last twenty years consistently, faced targeted, explicit threats that led the organizers to file a complain to the police. The women in black are resilient though and chose to hold the vigil despite the attempted intimidation




During the one hour protest, many vehicles stopped or slowed down, greeting us with a casual 'death to the arabs', wishing us cancer, sending us to Gaza, etc. You should know that protesting against the occupation in western Jerusalem has never been easy. Jerusalem has never been completely ethnically cleansed, endured many suicide attacks against civilians during the second intifada and has too much constant tension and history.  The women inblack face violence on a weekly basis, but at least this week the right wing counter protest did not receive the back up it was hoping for. The police prepared properly, and several brave left wing activists served as civil guard as well, so those hoping for action scenes preferred to stay home and seek other opportunities to assault people.




The right wing protesters who attempted to cross the road to the other side were affectionately escorted back to the other side on the road , where they spewed hatred towards the elderly women, shouting : 'Did you piss your pants, Granny? Go home. Nobody wants to look at you. I hope you die tomorrow amd no one will attend your funeral.
At the last minutes of the protest, a man with a toy megaphone proved us the right wing is able to adapt new tactics:
We will take your pictures, he said. Those pictures will spread in the right places.We will know where to find you and what to do with you.'
The elderly women dispersed wisely, not leaving anyone behind, although in my opinion this time it was most talks, I did not feel the energy of actual beating. Maybe next time, though.  

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