nana10 :Jewish terrorists publish a leaflet praising & documenting hate crimes

Jewish terrorists publish a leaflet praising & documenting hate crimes

"An Arab stood near yithzar (settlment) junction & was rushed to the hospital soon afterwards"

"As response to IOF demolitions of Jewish trailers, we hurled stones

"we pepper sprayed an Arab who stood near Tapuach (settlement) and refused to go to the other side of the road)

"We nearly killed an Arab who was hitting on a girl in Geula neighborhood in Jerusalem, he was hospitalized after we assaulted him"

"IOF demolished a van in zayit ra'anan (OP)- we hurled rocks on Palestinians vehicles near the post junction".

"We torched a mosque in Al-Muayer village as response to IOF destruction of El Ayin outpost".

"An Arab teacher's car vandalised in Kiryat Moshe (Jewish neighborhood) – we tempered the tires and smashed the car windshields"

"An arab was nearly castrated for hitting on Jewish girls"

"Some righteous people   `reconstructed' with bricks an Arab who worked in Ma'ale Shomron construction  site"

"A tractor, a car and a mosque torched in Burqin village"

"Were there any restraint orders? your car is a gonner! say "goodbye to your car in Jilazoun," "Hi from those who got warrants" "revenge on Arabs" were sprayed on the care.

The leaflet (consisting of 32 pages and full of inside jokes and unique settler jargon)  was published two month ago and was distributed among the occupied west bank Israeli outpost  for a while until one of its copies made its way to Nana10 newsdesk.

The "price tag" (Jewish terrorism) attacks are categorized by dates, months and years.The authors of the leaflet draw a line of cause and effect between their crimes and their motives. The backgrounds to the terror attacks , according to the authors of the leaflets, vary from romantic relationships between mixed couples, administrative restraint orders, demolitions of colonialist structures, employment of sudanese or Palestinian workers. The authors explain the rationality of their hate crimes on the first pages' preface: "The army is as coward and useless as UN , brave Jews should courageously defend Jewish interests. By the time, the arabs will learn to fear the Jews, who carry their actions in joy and devotion"

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