Ramadan in Damascus gate

Ramadan in Damascus gate

They asked us to come" "and show our support in the protest at Damascus gate following police brutality and vandalism that were used to disperse the protests in the last few days

. I don't know who is "they" that asked for my Jewish Israeli presence but I show up if I feel that I can be useful somehow.(I see some Palestinian nationalists who dislike me in the crowd and many unfamiliar faces of very young youth) .As for being any youth- sometimes the presence of foreign observers make the occupation forces more restraint.

I have a smartphone and I can document if anything happens, and also, I am a curious person, I have never seen Ramadan celebrations before. I was wondering before wither muslims really anticipate the Ramadan or just wouldn't disclose their dismay with me. I went there and I sensed the joy and the festivity. I was delighted to see the Ramadan lights.I smelled the treats and drinks being cooked and fried by countless vendors. At some point I felt as if I was in a gastronomy fair. When asked where I was from, I replied as I always do: I am ijnabiya, I am a foreigner because there is nothing else I feel I am when I am invading a celebration that isn't mine. As a formerly religious girl I understand the feeling of elevated spirit after the breaking of fast .I am watching celebrations in an occupied city, surrounded by heavy occupying brigades,People ,   are chanting for freedom.I can only imagine that freedom now as breaking the limits of the human body, of letting my soul fly to the moon, detached from my physical weakness. Perhaps there are times when freedom drives from within, but  within the chanting of the protesting crowd I heard  free spirits fighting to break out from the occupation jails.

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