Allah Akbar

Allah Akbar

standing in line of fire 

there is no fear in my soul but your judgement

Allah Akbar

forgive for the crimes I can't  stop

forgive me for me what I am was born into

for what I can't change 

for  the times I can't carry any  other burden but my own

for the time I lost  my faith & shook my head in despair

for the times I have failed myself

forgive me because I chant your name in every city square

for I put my faith in you when all others fail when my own intentions are 

a labyrinth of mirrors and  I am misguided by doubts

my  doubts are demons defeated by fire 

and they shrink as I am part of  a beliver's nation

Allah Akbar

La Allah Bilt Allah

Allah is one 

as one is the nation of believers

and I am one whole person again

not broken shards any more

I am not afraid anymore 


Allahu Akbar.





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