The hard living of 14 Al Fidat families, Anata

we are here since the times of the ottoman empire. We had no problems with them, neither with the British mandatory regime nor with the Jordanian regime. Our problems started with the Israeli occupation. Part of Al Fidat family went to Jordan after the occupation of 1967, another part moved to Jericho and the third part is here, which is more than 14 families. Our problems with the Israeli occupation started in 1979 when they confiscated over 1,200 dunnums from us and 2 thousand dunnums from another village, The lands were used to build the nearby military base. They confiscated the land but they offered the people to rent it to them after the confiscation . Other problems came after that- the apartheid wall. After they built the wall they came to negotiate with us about our land, about the south and north of it. They built a gate and told us it will only open two times during the years- once to plant , and the other to harvest, but my family and the other families here are planting in the south and the east. This Tuesday they surprised us. We got 14 pages of orders. The demolition orders refer to all the houses built in stones, but these houses were built before 1967, before the occupation began. The land that is used for agriculture has to be cleared according to their orders, but we are using them. We are here in non violent resistance. This is our land. We will not leave this land. This land is part of Anata. we get services from Anata committee. Our children have to walk 2.5 kilometers in the morning to get to school. Our living is difficult. Combatants for peace helped us get water through 200 meters of pipes. We thank combatants for peace and appreciate that. (adapted transcript)

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