Palestinians are pushed to violence- thoughts on last friday's protests

After "chaime soumoud a-zaitoun" tent was taken down, I saw the members of Abu Nir's family sitting on the bare land that was taken to them, having heard just moments before : "this land is no longer yours", they began singing "Bilady, Bilady" – our land, our land. Once again, I was so ashamed to be an Israeli, to share a nationality with the people who just sent two armed brigades to tear down a protest tent.

Later on, I visited Shekh Jarrakh weekly protest vigil, and met Mahmoud Ayoub Shamasne. Mahoumoud Ayoub Shamasne and his family are awaiting an eviction order dating to 1.3.2013, His family consists of 10 people, his two elderly parents,  over 80 years old included in this count. This is the second nakba as Shamasne said and it is happening everywhere in east Jerusalem. No need to physically torture or kill people although they do it as well quite often, It is enough to break people's spirit, take away their shelter, their dignity, their freedom to protest. It is enough to push people out, drive them away, deprive them from rights and services, humiliate them. I have seen the sadness, the despair, the silent acceptance of cruel fate and I wanted to be the first person to  throw a stone, the first to hurl a molotov cocktail, because it seems that the Israeli occupation forces speak no other language but force and know no other way.2013-01-25 14.10.02

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