Mahmoud Ayoub Shamasne: This is the beginning of the second Nakba

2013-01-25 16.00.57

(Loosely adapted transcript, full subtitles version to be released soon)

Before 67' occupation, we signed the rent contracts with the Jordanian guardian . After the 67' occupation, the Israelis took the assets under their custody. We renewed the rent contract annually. On 2009 the Israeli guardian told us that the alleged original owner of the house passed away and that his 4 heirs refuse to allow us to renew the rent contract. He said that the heirs want us to evacuate the property. We appealed to court.We presented every proof we had. Court ruled against us, we were told we must evacuated. We appealed again to the regional court. Our appeal was rejected. We re-appealed to the supreme court, and we are waiting for their response. We need to know if the supreme court is willing to discuss our case or is it slamming its door on us. What I wanted to tell you is – if I need to evict my home because it was formely owned by a Jew- what should all the Jewish people who live in Palestinian houses, in Lifta, in Talbiyeh do? Should they not do the same? I wanted to add another thing- you probably know the current situation in East Jerusalem. Virtually, the second Nakba already started.
The eviction warrant is dated to the 1 of March. In 40 days. There are 10 people living in this house. We will evacuate ourselves to the red cross. Set up a tent there. We thank you for coming and we work out to recruit more support from the neighborhood.
Noah Beninga (translating Ismail Khatib): This is not just the personal case of Shamasne, there are plans to develop the neighborhood into a settlement, build roads to connect in to other neighborhoods. We own thousands of houses in the west of Jerusalem. Sheikh Jarrakh is an arab neighboorhood and we will not give it up. We continue to struggle here in Sheikh Jarrakh, Ras Al Amoud, Shuaafat. Shamasne needs to be here all the time, he is under threat
Shamasne: The guardian scams people, especially the elders. He makes them sign unprotected rental contract in hebrew they couldn't read. 5 people lost their houses this way. He made my father sign a contract like that.

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