Meeting Mouhamad Shamasne

Read about the threat of A-Shamsne family eviction

When they will come to evict you, I will be there, but I don't want this to happen at all. I don't want to helplessly witness another eviction. Evicted people remind me of uprooted trees, fish outside their own water. The Israeli Justice system that I know lets the strong feed on the flesh and blood of those who are weaker. It is the same judiciary system that did me wrong, I am afraid it might do you wrong too, throw you out of the place you and your family have been living in over decades of years.

I enjoy walking in East Jerusalem, making small purchases of goods, drinking Arabian coffee from one of the stands, staring at the paddlers and their commodities , smelling the fruit. I enjoy being a tourist, a guest, an observer at a land that isn't mine, a land that might not welcome me at every occasion. Side by side with the joy I feel hanging around, I feel obligated to support the right of the people on this land to live their lives in dignity, as they choose.  Having no significant spot in the top of the activist food chain, I find it difficult to recruit people, to help spreading word to wider circles, to organize effective actions, although sometimes my feet do carry me to the places where I should be. I met Mouhamad Shamsne during Sheikh Jarrakh weekly protest vigil. I heard something vague about a planned eviction in Sheikh Jarrakh but I didn't know him in person until today. Mouhamad was talking to Noah Beninga, brother of Sara Beninga, a Jerusalemite activist. Noah introduced me to Mouhamad, "Here is a girl that dreams to barricade herself with gas balloons at your place" he told Mouhamad,  Mouhamad said the eviction order he received is dated to 1.1.2013. This means only two months left to prevent the upcoming eviction, if possible. There are only two months left. Mouhamad A- Shamasne told me he wrote letters in English to several embassies in Jerusalem and  that he was visited by severls news networks, including Al Jazeera. Yet so far I, as in person, don't feel that his story is widley disseminated as it should be,

One would ask- why take an action on behalf of Shamasne family while so many Palestinians are facing a threat of eviction or being evicted as these words are being written?" I would reply with a simple answer, because he asked us to, and because to me, he is a homey. I live in Jerusalem, this is the city where I grew up in, and what I see here is apartheid, racial discrimination, colonialism,  ethnic cleansing. I can't and I won't live in this. The upcoming eviction of A-Shamasne family is a part of silent process of gentrification, an attempt to judaize East Jerusalem, make the Palestinian people leave- willingly or not, or force them to accept Israeli ID.  We can't be at any place people are being beaten, arrested, harassed, denied of rights to earn their living and keep their property, but we can show our support to the Shamasne family by showing up to the weekly protest vigil in Sheikh Jarrah, garden, at the corner of Derekh Shchem and Delman street, 18.1.2013 at 15:00.

Please come and invite your friends!

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