The sorrow- my response to Lior Nordman's gruesome series "Why can't we all we all just get along"

"Controversial: Lior Nordman's ongoing series 'why cant we all just get along', features models dressed as members of different religions in intimate poses with soldiers, aims to break political and religious taboos"

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Lior Nordman's series of pictures tells us "a love story between a female Palestinian terrorist and an IDF soldier- in the end, she hangs herself by her explosive belt".
Mr. Nordman- Palestinian female militants are not "terrorists", not more than Hanna Senesh or Sara Aronson were.
No occupied person would fall in love, out of free will with his occupier. That is a pervasive Zionist fantasy that would never happen, because a heavily armed soldier and a female guerilla combatant are NOT "equal sides of an equation". It is as artistic a stalag fiction of the lowest level.
As an Israeli, as a woman and an activist I found myself so deeply hurt by the sexist, objectifying work , and I have no better way to express my objection but being creative.
I took a picture of myself, overwhelmed by the revolting material I've been exposed to, wearing a Hijab I bought in Ramallah- as some of my friends wish to see me wearing, carrying a message for justice, and compassion, offering nothing attractive, erotic or sexy but pure honesty ( a thing you might never know). I wish other people will follow my lead and take an action to boycott and divest from @thevice magazine,until this abusive work will be removed.

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