What the Zionist media don't want you to see in Al Masra village demonstrations

As journalist Haggai Matar say, the weekly demonstrations in Al Masara get  appropriate coverage in the Palestinian media (as you can see here- in arabic ) but are completely ignored by the Zionist media. I could think of numerous reasons for that. The most obvious reasons would  be the relatively small number of participants and the lack of bloodshed and violence that sell out the news, but I can also think of less visible reasons why the Zionist media ignores these demonstrations, and doesn't even bother to mention the name of the village among the names of the other villages that are protesting every Friday. The Zionist media paints those weekly demonstrations as violent riots and clashes contained by the Israeli army. A different image of a demonstration, one that doesn't include stone- throwing shabab would be disturbing and might highlight the fact that even the most peaceful and non-violent demonstration is prohibited under the military regime imposed over the west bank. Another reason I can think of to explain why 99.5% of Israeli people don't even know this village even exists on the map, and of curse are unaware if these demonstrations is because of what is said in those demonstrations. As in person, I don't feel I am in the right place to praise Palestinian non-violent resistance before I ended up condemning the Israeli violence and I am no great strategic to tell which tactic would be more efficient in saving lives and ending oppression.  I am afraid that praising Palestinian non violence is another way of encouraging people to die in silence, but what Al Masra people say should be heard as they, as the oppressed  people, have the right to say it, and I don't feel  that I do. I can recall a few epic quotes from the demonstrations in Al Masra. The speakers vary and so do the protest themes. "I am fighting for you too, soldier" said one of the protesters to the soldiers. "So that you can be free". "Our lands are calling us. our trees are calling us" said another protester at an other occasion. "Israel is like a small spoiled child that needs to be told by the world what it can and cannot do, so our  children and Haggai's children won't fight each other" Oum Hassan told us.

.I remember how the speakers spoke about the inner walls of mind, how they cried for peace, denounced violence so many times, and the soldiers response was aggressive protest dispersion. Right now the soldiers bring LRAD- long range acoustic device that cause deafness to the demonstrations, just in case. I am not saying that those speeches in Al Masra reflect every notion within the Palestinian resistance- in fact- on my way back I heard "Udrub Udrub Tel Aviv" song loudly played on the street. What I am saying is that nobody in the  weekly demonstrations need to be heard, but I think they need to beZionist media thinks that those Ghandi -style speeches  that are carried in those IMG-20121207-01331.


  1. You want to educate Israeli Jews about ROR. Good luck. You could also try to educate prison guards about rights of inmates, given that ALL income and privileges of the guards are based on inmates having no rights.In short, Israel Jews are as you are aware settlers on Palestinian land.
    ROR means the end of colonialism.


  2. as long as they are prison guards i.e. Zionists, ROR is a nightmare for them

    Do not imagine that they are ignorant – they just want to go on with being settlers on Palestine
    land. Aparteid in South Africa was ended not by educating racist whites, but by forcing them to end it.


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