My dead people

"How can you support terrorist and betray your own people? Don't you care about all those who were killed?"

I often get this kind of response once I identify myself as a non zionist Israeli, hence, "Hamas supporter". My response to those people: I do remember. I was born here. I remember Eyal Sorek and his pregnant wife who were shot in their car, they were friends with my family, I've been in their house, and I've been to their Shiva'a. I've been to the funeral of the son of my science teacher and  in the shiva'a of  the son of my math teacher.My main teacher at 11th grade lost her son too. A friend of my friends, a girl my age died in a suicide bomb and I knew a guy who lost his ex-girlfriend in another suicide bomb. I had two friends that served in the army, and they told me how they buried their friends. I was living in Jerusalem during the second Intifada and I heard the bombs exploding. This is how I grew up and I don't believe any of those people deserved to die. However, I do believe that all those young lives were lost because of the inevitable hostility between the indigenous people and the settlers, that is the result of a colonialist project  that involves ethnic cleansing. I do believe that fear, torture and violence do no not get the best out of people- they get the worse out of  them. I am in no position to preach to non-violence, as my poor memory cannot point out how many struggles were won without it. All those deaths I've witnessed indirectly  came by the hands of the Palestinian resistance, by militants who believed that they are doing the best for their own people and perhaps the plight of the Palestinian people would be forgotten without them.

Years later I met Ashraf Abu Rahma, who lost both his mother and sister, and Bassem Tamimi, who lost his sister, and I dare not compare their individual pain to the pain of other people. I did learn enough to know that I want no one to die in war, not the occupier or the occupied, death is horrible and no civilian deserve it. To end the occupation, the colonialism, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine , to allow the Palestinian refugees to return to their lands and to compensate those who will choose not to do it is the only way I see possible to keep civilians out of the bloodshed. Only after the establishment of a democracy with full equality, I would dare to utter the word "Peace" I crave so much

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