Alone in Jerusalem – #jerusalem4gaza

#Jerusalem4Gaza: alone in Jerusalem

My friend Hilla and myself took to the streets to deal out flyers calling for immediate cease fire and to end the Israeli aggression towards Gaza strip. We made two flyers: one was written by Hilla , Hilla is a public housing activist and she chose to address the people by speaking about poverty as a form of oppression, and offering an alternative, a different distribution of resources, money for housing and education other than war and occupation as a way to rescue the Israeli people from a never ending cycle of violence and fear. I on the other hand, preferred to provide pure facts: I used a table to show there in the last decade, a military operation was carried out before every election, and I used another graph to show the number of Palestinian people who were killed comparing to the number of drones who were shot. We went to AIC center to print the leaflets with the kind hospitality of AIC staff.

Before I arrived their offices, I remembered a book I read by Hans Pallada, “Alone in Berlin”. The book described an elderly couple of common people who made anti war postcards and handed them out in Berlin during war world 2, as an act of a stand-alone resistance. The couple was executed, but we were not. However, the feeling was quite similar: we were alone. Sergio said that war is like a soccer game, that people cheer their favorite team, and we were going into a rival tribune. Most of the people were rather hostile, and once again I felt how hatred took over the streets of my city: people explicitly expressed their blood lust and crave of violence, the desire “to wipe them out” and “destroy them”. It seemed that people do not question the motives of the leaders who are committing the war crimes, and that they are careless about the human and economic cost of the bombardments. People are unaware of the living conditions in Gaza and Hilla says that they are simply angry, because they are under fire. One woman tore the flyers in front of our eyes and another woman took the flyer and wrote “you whores” on it. A man accused us in “demoralizing”. I told him that I don’t think I should be cheering a wrong action. “What is the right action?” I told him I support a cease fire and truce with Hamas. “They want to kill us” he said. Altogether I am ambivalent. For one thing, I think that people are being misled by fear and hatred propaganda and that they are blind regarding the hidden powers that intervene shape their life. The hatred and hostility seemed very genuine as well. I wish to act against this hatred but I am really not sure how. However, I feel that the change should start from within and that I should be out of my comfort zone, sharing what I know with other people who might not have an access to this information. I want to act against this blinding hatred.

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