Hard working person

I was educated to respect "hard working people" as the foundations of society. Now , that I am one myself, I don't respect that at all. My hard work will only make other people richer and I myself  will don't have any guarantee that I will get to keep my modest living and not gain more debt. I don't do something I'm particularly good at, or something that benefits the society. I would get another job if I had savings, but I have to pay my rent and when I come home from work I am so exhausted I lack the energy to look for another job.  I don't want anything from the government , nor do I want charity (although my low income drives me to borrow money from my friends much often than I'd like to admit). I confess I am not a helpless victim and I have the responsibility to look for a better job, but even so, I have one demand: hard working people should be rewarded accordingly. I am not talking about getting rich or receive special benefits. I am talking about security, but not the military kind. Security that as a reward for hard work we will not be homeless (even if we don't get to own our own houses) or hungry. That's all. I also assume that workers that have that assurance will be better workers, relieved from immediate stress. The word "security" is in my opinion misused. I think most people fear bankruptcy a   lot more than they fear foreign terrorism. I am no expert on statistics , but I assume shortage in medicine kill a lot more people than Jihadis do every year. That is all I have to say.

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