A message to the anti war movement

Dear people of the Anti war Movement wherever you are, dear freedom fighters, dear brothers and sisters who struggle for the same cause,I wanted to share with you an article that touched me deeply and drove me to action as published on Jaddaliya.It is not easy to me, in person, to try to voice out the feelings of solidarity and my support for the peace and freedom loving Iranian people without neglecting my top priority-to protest the apartheid regime, the occupation & colonialism as practiced by my government here. I feel obligated to protest the crimes of Zionism I am so complicit with.It is not easy to explain why I call for boycott , divestment and sanctions against Israel while I refer to the sanctions against Iran as un-discriminating and anti humanitarian.It is not easy to tell people that the voices of Iranian martyrs such as Soharb Arabi . jailed human rights defenders as Nasrin Sotoodeh, Hangameh Shahidi, Issa Shaherhiaz, Hossein Roneghi Maleki distant echoes of Evin prison, Kehrizak, Behrashtan squares are still caliing me not to forget them, to do what I can on their behalf. In almost every protest and action I have attended on the lands of occupied Palestine I remember the brave hearts of the human rights defenders in Iran. I remember what I read and heard about their suffering and their legacy makes me want to do more. I cannot call in every name. count every victim of the Palestinian struggle for freedom and liberty. Almost everyone I know had someone in their family  orhimself/ herself beaten, tortured, murdered, evicted or arrested by the occupation forces. I am afraid both Iranian and Israeli regime have at least one thing in common: little respect for human rights. I  fear whatever I am doing is  merely enough. My comfort is that I have human lighthouses to guide me, brave people to look up to, to be inspired by.I  do not wish anyone to be denied of right to be heard.  This is why I refuse to accept anti imperialism as an excuse to hurm people. I support the Iranian people. not their government and when I ask for support, I ask it on behalf of people wherever they  are- not Political parties, neither Israeli or Palestinian ones.  This is why I have nothing to send but low quality pictures, nothing to offer as proof to my sincere words but some low-fii footage collected from several protests and vigils. both agianst sanctions, war, and occupation. My only allies here are kind individuals, fellow anti war activists, friends, and although we participated in the same protests, I am only speaking on my behalf, hoping more people will join actions against war, occupation and for human rights, justice and freedom everywhere.

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