#wib #no2iranwar 21.09.2012: Fascist thugs hurl glass from a passing car towards protesters (pictures)


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Note: All photo credits go to Tamar Lehrman. Hearty thanks!

It wasn't so easy to find people to hold signs against sanction a looming war talk regarding the Iranian people. The weekly protest vigil of women in black targets the Israeli occupation  in the west bank and Gaza , a good enough cause to itself. Furthermore,  most people I spoke with believe that the Americans talked Israel out of it and that will be no military action against Iran. Since I am not a middle east expert or military analyst,  I tend to agree there is not high probability of war with Iran, but I am not certain and there is not certainty of what it is to come. This might as well be a long term crisis with no outbreak, only harm and damage to the people, not their governments. "It will be like Iraq and the lie of weapons of mass destruction" said Moshe, a veteran protester and a devoted communist that participates the weekly vigils despite having to use a wheelchair to make it each week. He also expressed his view, saying we should have gone down to Paris square, where a Palestinian has recently been lynched, and protest there. The consensus of the group though takes in discretion that that is a very dangerous zone, and we might face imminent risk   of being assaulted there.

"I am more scared to be here than in Nabi Saleh" said Eyal, a Taayush activist who joined the weekly vigil after participating the protest in front of Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli PM against the deportation of African asylum seekers that took place nearby an hour earlier (for us, it was crossing the road from one vigil to another). The atmosphere was not friendly indeed and besides the usual swearing,  cussing and shouting we endure every week there was some escalation- a driving car hurled a glass towards us, and the shards missed the protesting women by a few inches.

There were only three of us, Moshe, a friendly blonde woman and myself holding the signs against sanctions and war on Iran but I repeat my usual saying:  I do not underestimate the steadfastness of standalone, never. I do not miss a chance to try to carry the message to whoever might see it, and I do not expect any results. We try and try, and we might die trying, but as long as we keep trying, we do not lose.

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