where is the occupation? #wib vigil 13.09.2012 (in pictures)

Taking my spot, holding "End  the occupation" sign at Paris square,

I was approached by an american religious man who asked me:"where is this occupation?"

I replied: It goes way beyond occupation. It is apartheid, colonialism, ethnic cleansing,

and it is everywhere we call "Israel".

Occupation, referring to military regime over

civil population is only a part of it.".

That was my answer as an individual.

Few of the veteran women in black defined "occupation" as

"what happens across the green line" and stated

that they endorse the two state solution. It is unclear to me how receptive women in black are towards the idea of one state solution.

However, the arguments brought up by the man as response were rather weak. He claimed that Israel was given to the Jews by God (I would argue that the state of Israel was given to

the Jews as a haven from the persecution they have dealt with in Europe but it is a  the one wrong doing cannot be fixed by another and it would have been best to establish a binational

state at the year of 1948) & that "The Arabs want to kill us all" – I told that man that most Arabs want to breath in and out like the rest of humanity do.

Loud cussing was overheard from cars passing by, and I have been blessed with nicknames as "slut", "whore" and received some per usual death wishes.

I returned home caring my usual blues , wishing myself a full day vacation at my home where I'm safe inside, protected from the hatred & aggression of Jerusalem streets.

Judy, a veteran activist says this is what Jerusalem is like and that we need to learn what people to ignore, that we can't dialogue with fascists, but as a "radical" I still refuse

to give up on people. I wish to believe everyone can do anything. Yet even someone as experienced as Judy didn't stay indifferent to some of the comments people made while

talking to us. "How do they grow up into such brainwashed hatred"? she wondered, and I started lecturing her about the occupied media, the biased education, though I should have

not done so, because Judy knows all that better than myself, having lived here for so many years. It's weird how  often we get astonished by things we should have been used  to by now.

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