who is this man in the picture? what did he do? #SamerAlBarq #StopAD

"who is this man in this man in the picture?"

"His name is Samer AlBarq,

he is on a hunger strike for over 100 days in Israeli prison"

"Why, what has he done?"

"We don't know what has he done.He has not been trialed. Even he doesn't know what he's charged of.

No evidence has been presented against him".

This is a typical conversion I had with people who received the flyers we dealt out in the center of town yesterday with the few people who were willing to listen to us.

Some people simply refused to receive the flyers, and some of the people who did take them responded with pure rage and wished him to die, or stated the administrative detention is

an acceptable regulation during wartime, ignoring that this war started 65 years ago, when the state of Israel was declared.

There is a crack in everythingThat's how the light gets in , Leonard Cohen Said.

I hope I managed to crack the wall of silence & ignorance that's around the administrative detention regulation, that allows to jail people with no charge, trial, or evidence.

A regulation made to be used only at cases of imminent risk for people lives, but is currently implemented against 300 Palestinians in Israeli jails, making them guilty

of being victims of this very regulation, and like I always say, people can't be guilty of being victims. They might be guilty of other crimes they have committed, but for those crimes

they deserve a fair trial, an option that doesn't exist within the Israeli Military court system. Administrative detention puts people st a dark corner our the regime. I don't think the

general public is even aware of its extent and implication, or at least this is the impression I got from dealing out those flyers yesterday. As for Samer AlBarq I honestly don't know

much about him, except for that he is a religious man with a master degree in Science, married to a Pakistani wife who was tortured & spent three years in solitary confinement without

knowing what the charges against him are and that on August 13 his head was smashed against the iron door of his cell, and that there is grave concern for his health. I wish him justice,

and to myself, I hope that there will be more that I could do to help him get it.

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