When do I support, when do I meddle? Ma'asara 7.9.2012

This is about highlighting military regime over civil population.

About showing how absurd it is to send a fully armed & shielded squad

to face children, unarmed civilians, international peace activists.

This is about a foreign army preventing people from gathering even in the most peaceful manner & being heard.

"This is democracy in the year of 2012" one protester commented as the Soldiers formed a blocking column.

IOF doesn't need to explain its actions to the people it oppresses , they don't even  need to declare the location closed military zone.

They use those plastic shields to cover their minds and their brains so they won't need to explain to themselves why are they following arbitrary orders.

I am  my brothers' keeper. I can't detach myself from them, with all the passion I have to stand with the oppressed.

The privileges I have prevent me from offering even the most humble form of solidarity with the occupied people.

The soldiers who are there were sent to protect me, in the name of my government, in the name of my country.

Whatever wrong they do, it is my fault too, but I am a still a human being, I am still a person, and if I could I would scratch a crack on their shields.

I would tell them that I will not respect uniforms that don't respect themselves, that I will not honor unhonorable  doing, I will not be a bystander, an objective observer

and they can call it whatever name they like- incitement, provocation, seeking e-fame, inflammatory behavior.  I did not come to dialogue with them.

I came to denounce them, to try

not to be part of their actions. I came to Ma'asara to try to amplify & highlight & stress the meaning of martial regime over civil population.

I came to protest because it is my duty as a civilian. as a human, as a person, and all I wish for now is that my actions will be according to the will of the Maasara people.


Ma'asara weekly demonstration is not likely the place where I will be beaten, arrested, face the full magnitude of the occupation's atrocities. Sometimes I might have to handle a stun grenade or some tear gas, but in general, the protests are mellow. What I do see in Ma'asara is a display of apartheid- because a similar gathering conducted by Israelis would have not been prevented by fully armored squad, but in worst case scenario, the local police might have interfered , and I have seen much more "extreme" protests  where I live , in jerusalem, that included road-blocking and interrupting traffic meeting no response at all from the authorities. What I see in Ma'asara is that even the most peaceful, non violent  method of protesting is being prevented from the Ma'asara people- simply because they are Palestinians- & not  because as one soldier stated – they throw stones over night.

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