no2iranwar# Protest vigil & dealing out flyers at Paris square

At each generation, one must see himself  as if he or she is living in Nazi Germany & the year is 1939.

I must resist violence, war, bombardments, injustice ,

I must practice civil disobedience even if I stand alone and nobody is with me.

Even if I  have  no other place to do it but my own living room.

It is my political, moral, humanitarian duty. I am a sister.

I will be everyone's sister if I need to.

Today I met my  beloved persistent small circle of activists to whom I feel deep gratitude.

The Ma'abara, social activists , & Ta'ayush "representatives" were first to arrive per usual.

After there were five of us grouped together, each of us took a spot and we began dealing out flyers.

150 flyers in hebrew were handed out to car drivers pretty fast, and the responses were overall positive.

Very few people refused to receive them.We got engaged in a few dialogues that made me feel how deserted the Zionist street is, how much vacuum  left for activism within our own

society. I felt saddened to talk to a young religious guy who stared at me with disbelief when I presented the "fact" that Iranian people & their leaders are not the same entity and that

most people are more concerned with their mundane life than in how to kill Jews.  After the excepted arrival of Hadash (communist party) ,Meretz (liberal left party) and   Social

studies we picked up signs and  began chanting: "money to welfare, not for war", "scaring us will not make us support the war".  We marched to the Israeli PM house Benjamin Netayahu,

and gathered to hear Manal Timraz, Palestinian British activist who lost 22 people of her family, including her young brother on Gaza bombardment. Manal spoke about her personal

loss , about her brother's wish to see a Rial Madrid soccer match before he died. She reminded us it is only people that suffer the loss in war, not governments and how we should be

committed  to recruit more people to the protest against war to ensure no family anywhere  will share such fate, she also  reminded us that Palestinians segregated behind apartheid

walls share the same fate with us coercively, a danger brought upon them by governments they did not elect.  We ended the protest motivated by her wise words.

I wish to thank Hadash, Maki, Taayush, Hama'abara , Meretz people for standing up  against war & occupation & hope we grow stronger in numbers & spirit, because we will not stop

protesting either way.

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