Double feature Saturday night: Salam Bar Iran, against hate crimes

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Another war- isn't that enough

p another war- isn't that enough? picture by Guy

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Two other important protests were scheduled to the same time as response to the recent wave of hate crimes against Palestinian people.

Only this Thursday a Palestinian man was lynch in the middle of town without police intervention,

Molotov cocktails hurled at a Palestinian taxi driver and injured 6 people.

In Hebron, a young man was assaulted, beaten by several soldiers in civil clothing

I didn't know if the anti war message won't be lost within the flow of events and the burning issues on the table.

I did however feel that there is a line connecting between the war on Iran drum beatings and the recent Jewish terrorism .

That line is hatred and fear of the Other that is corrupting our society. Hatred and fear spread and promoted by the government and the media.

That hate & fear that are being used to keep our scattered society together, instead of working towards social Justice and equality.

In my opinion, this "double feature protest" Saturday was a success, although it might have not been a success that can be counted in numbers.

About a hundred of people from different movements and orientation gathered in Paris square to protest the war on Iran plans . There were Ta'yush activists, who are usually

working for human rights in south of Har Hebron, Ha'ma'abara- social activists from the public housing struggle, Socialist struggle activists and some lovely women in black.

We stood up to raise awareness that the government is willing to spend more than a bilion and a half shekels on this military dubious adventure while it is unable to provide basic social

security to the people- even in the most basic needs of food, clothing, shelters and that social security should not be last priority. We resumed the vigil by changing the signs and

slogans to ones protesting the racist lynch and the acts of Jewish terrorism and marched to Zion square, the lynch location accompanied by Yassamba drummers.

I send hearty thanks to all those who participated and I hope I'll get to celebrate peace with you at our time.

(picture credits: Michael corech, Guy)

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