#No2IranWar 13.08.2012

Back at home I try to put my thoughts into coherency & write a few coherent words about today's protest vigil.

What I'm feeling right now is love for my people. I love you, Sara, Micheal, Amiel, Eyal, Amitay, Dolev, Hila, Nissim, Uri, Ovadia.

I  am calling you my people because today you joined me in calling for no war.

I am trying to think how this love is related to anything.

Why I suddenly feel a strong sense of belonging, despite me being a radical individualist & socially awkward penguin.

I can answer this by saying that a fear of war and destruction brings us closer to each other, and that facing fear,

we align ourselves and join hands for a common base cause: that is life.

I detected 2-3 groups of activists within the small crowd: Ta'ayush activists, a  rather "left" " group  that

focuses on human rights within the occupied territories of the west bank and Hama'abara, social activists,


that used their presence to highlight the injustice of going to war while people have no money for food and medicine and that the money that is spent on war is on expense of welfare, education, public health, that this prompted war is a highly dubious adventure with unknown outcome (the only thing we do know is that 300 people at least are likely to die by 1000 missiles pointed at us), & that those in power are trying to make political & economic profit out of this war.We were knocking on the gates of Prime minister mansion, demanding that our voices will be heard.

I believe that both governments of Iran & Israel stay in power by uniting the people against an outside threat,

while poverty, ignorance, inequality exist within us.

I believe the Iranian government has other motives in achieving nuclear power other than striking Israel.

I have faith in Iran's freedom loving youth that want to bring change from within the society, as I do.

Allowing a military assault on Iran to happen without resistance on our part feels like betrayal on our part.

  1. Talkoholic
    200 people in Tel Aviv, 20 people in Jerusalem, but we will grow stronger saying #no2iranwar
    Mon, Aug 13 2012 14:41:45
  2. Talkoholic
    RT @dudi_cohen: RT @radical_s: protester holds a sign says "money for welfare, not to Bibi" #no2iranwar #Iran #Jerusalem #j14 http://pic.twitter.com/BdKBLi9X"
    Mon, Aug 13 2012 13:49:04
  3. Pat19eighty4
    RT @Talkoholic: "In tehran & Tel Aviv, people want to live" #No2IranWar http://pic.twitter.com/D4mF6GUC
    Mon, Aug 13 2012 13:50:16
  4. Talkoholic
    @persianbanoo ##No2IranWar (I'll post a full report on today's protest vigil later). In Jerusalem, in front of PM house http://pic.twitter.com/8Gyv3raw
    Mon, Aug 13 2012 14:09:33
  5. IlyaFox972
    Today, 19:00PM , Jerusalem, #No2IranWar protest vigil near @IsraeliPM house, Paris square #Iran כיכר פריז בירושלים, 7 http://pic.twitter.com/7RpfzvFJ
    Mon, Aug 13 2012 07:05:49
  6. dudi_cohen
    RT @radical_s: "Iranians, we love you!" הפגנה עכשו נגד מלחמה באירן #j14 http://pic.twitter.com/TuixzTKd protest #jerusalem #Israel #no2iranwar #Iran
    Mon, Aug 13 2012 09:49:59
  7. dudi_cohen
    lame. Sign says "money for food, not for war". Social protest mix #no2iranwar #jerusalem (via @radical_s ) #j14 http://pic.twitter.com/OziGinL8 #Iran
    Mon, Aug 13 2012 10:02:05
  8. dudi_cohen
    RT @assafon: ביבי, ברק אין לנו מקלט #j14 http://instagr.am/p/ORwFKBH6Rq/ nice pic. Protest infront of Barak luxury home in Tel aviv #Israel #No2IranWar
    Mon, Aug 13 2012 11:05:16
  9. Talkoholic
    @israelipm house- "this war is only so you can raise more votes, we need money for homes, not bombs #no2iranwar http://pic.twitter.com/twIygK4X
    Mon, Aug 13 2012 13:21:18

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