Law is no justice : The case of Ahmad Shtawi

Ahmad Shatawi ,24 years of age was arrested in 16.03.2012 during a demonstration at his home village, Qaddum.During this demonstration, a German Shepherd Dog assaulted him and bite his hand with its jaws for over 7 minutes without the dog's trainer being able to control it. The prosecution was unable to prove that he threw  stones during this demonstration. So they charged him with throwing stones during other demonstrations. The prosecution went as far as claiming Ahmed willingly laid his hand within  the dogs jaws.

Ahmad has been imprisoned for the last 6 months. His brother got married last month and Ahmed was denied the  pleasure   to attend his wedding. Ahmed, a university student lost all this year of studies. At his trial , when he was given the right to speak, he said he wishes to go back to normal life at his village, return to university studies, see his freshly married brother, mend his wounded hand. Ahmed's prosecutor wanted to stress that Ahmed has been charged with throwing stones that might have caused lethal damage to "innocent guards of civil order". It should be noted that those "guards of civil order" are fully armed soldiers of an occupying army that invaded Ahmed's village in order to disperse an un-armed protest.

Personal Note:

The following entry is translated from my  activist friend Alona Cohen's testimonial.

Alona attends Qaddum weekly protests and have been following Ahmed's trial. Ahmed verdict will be given at September, His trial is taking place at Salem military court, and his is serving his sentence at Salem's security prison- within Israel's borders while Ahmed is a resident of Palestinian authority. The court's discussion is carried in Hebrew, a language Ahmed doesn't speak.

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