#NoWarIran 6.08.2012

Ever since I was a kid, I feared nuclear war.

I have had the image of the radio active mushroom,

of skies made in fire hunting my sleep.

This is a part of growing up in the modern age.

Now I fear an Israeli assault on Iran will get us closer to that horrific future scenario.

I don't believe Iran is Natzi Germany, and the year is 1939,

as Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is saying.

I don't think Iran is trying to acquire nuclear weapons to bomb the land of occupied Palestine.

Iran experienced a lot of foreign meddling during the past.

I can recall the story how Mosadeq government overthrown in 1959

and the Sha'a was brought to power.

(Foreign intervention of CIA and western  lust for Iranian oil were to blame).

Iran is surrounded by US military bases.

Iran is a shi'ite country, and shi'ites are/

were persecuted minorities within the Islamic nation.

Iran is home of the persian  people, ancient

culture and tradition, and an imperialistic past to re-establish.

I can see why would the Iranian government  seek nuclear power.

Especially when Israel has such weapon in its possession

I am no middle east expert either.

We're sitting on a barrel of explosives and throwing matches in.


However, Iran's supreme leader Humenei has issued a fatwa that denounces nuclear weapons as un-Islamic).


The Iranian government supports Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Hizzbulah as US supports Israel,

pursuing more influence and power over the region,

while  human rights organisations  claim Iran breaches rights of its  own sunni minorities such as

Baloch, Kurdish, Ahwazi people.I don't want to sound like an ignorant hippie,

cluless about the dangers of nuclear race in the Middle East.

I don't believe that mutual disarming of mass destruction weapons is possible in the near future.

Israel will not give up the intimidation it gains by possessing such weapons.

Every so often, I find myself opposing war without offering a practical alternative.

I go back to be emotional rather rational,

I leave the rationality to the middle east experts and generals who are not in favor of military strike on Iran either.

I  love the image of Iran I have in mind, as a land of rich culture and tradition.

I dream to visit Iran one day. I admire the Iranian human rights defenders, they are our fellows, our peers, our people.

I love Iran as I would love everything that is beautiful in this world,

a love that makes me wish for Iran only what I wish for ourselves: a change that will emerge from inside,

I wish Iranian people safety, freedom, equality, the same things I want for us here.

At the same time, I fear the results of possible strike on Iran. Iran doesn't need a nuclear bomb to fight back.

It is estimated that at least 300 people will die in the counter Iranian strike,

and that 1000 missiles are targeting Israel and are capable to hit it.

Those who are about to die could be my friends, my family, myself.

They  can also be the Iranian freedom lovers, our fellow Iranian activists, who are asking us not to stop the war and prevent foreign assault on Iran.

Their plight, our plight, however peaceful , should be heard.

Boru Azad Iran

Boru Omid

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