#wib: A new woman in black is born

why I love & support women in black & wish to consider myself as one:

  • Women in black has been protesting against the Israeli occupation since 1988.
  • They stood up against the Israeli aggression since the first Intifada & made their stand against Gaza strip war aka. as Cast lead operation.
  •    women In black, like me, do not hold a coherent agenda or pretend to have the ultimate solution for colonialism, moral conflicts related to armed resistance, colonies within 67' occupied territories etc.  Like myself, they wish to keep civilians away from the never ending circle of violence & bloodshed. I am in favor of 1 state solution that includes right of return for Palestinian refugees, but I would support any other resolution that will bring Justice & reconciliation & will be agreed upon.
  • As Edmond Levy said: "There is no occupation in Israel", and I partially agree with him: we cannot see the occupation because the Apartheid is hiding it. Personal safety within 48' borders is increasing. There hasn't been a war since 2008 cast lead operation (and it's difficult to call that "war" as IOF was facing guerrilla warfare and not an organized army). No suicide bombings inside Israel's 67" borders etc.  The Israeli public, in general,  sees the Palestinian as "non issue" (that is how I perceive the public opinion where I am).  Women in Black make the occupation visible to the Israeli eyes at least for one hour in a week , they call it by the name & oppose it, voicing an un-poplular opinion within the closed minded Israeli discourse. They are acting for change within our community. I heard how the Zionists cussing  & shouting the elderly , wishing them to die. I have seen the hatred the women in black endure. Yet they continue to act according their conscious & carry on with their peaceful protests despite everything.
  • I identify with wearing black : It shows my feeling of mourning , my constant  grief about those who are dying, arrested, not being heard.It shows that I have no pride or joy in being an Israeli.
  • You can't dislike peaceful actions!

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