We will not let you evict #AlAju family from #Ramle

Stop (again) the eviction of the Al-Aju family (rabbis for human rights)

From ’48 to Israel 2011: The Story of the Al-Aju Family from Ramle/ Hadas Ben-Eliyahu

Justice for the al-Aju family from Ramle, Palestine

Those are pictures I took from the "Resistance Affair" at Al Aju family house in Ramle. I had a good time, and more important than that, no police came to evict Al Aju family that day, probably because they did not want to confront that many people. I had a chat with Mermit, a twitterer, Yusuf Asfur, my former Arabic teacher, Miri & Michal. I enjoyed the live music.One would call it "celebrating resistance". At a certain level, I do feel that we should not be celebrating anything until Palestine will be free, that we should limit our exploitation of our privileges as occupiers. But I am not that strong to live up this ideal, though I somewhat try.

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