ALL this love

My picture from Ramle prison protest on behalf of hunger striking prisoners got posted on facebook hate group "we are all against the radical left"

This picture got 200+ likes & 75 comments. Here are some of them:

  • god forbid, she is so ugly
  • put her in a cell with a serial rapist
  • pure garbage
  • stupid & ugly, does not shave & shower, this is how they like them
  • I wouldn't touch this ugly whore even as a joke
  • I wish you'll get cancer & your children will die
  • throw her to the crematorium
  • Seeking attention because no one will piss at her direction
  • I was sure it's a male
  • shoot her
  • A lunatic escaped from mental
  • burn her & the rest of the leftists
  • She was not touched by a man for a long time, so she enjoys this


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