Butthurt : my response to @LinahAlsaafin

I am butthurt.

I am butthurt because I care.

I wish to stand in solidarity

with the Palestinian people who are being oppressed by country.

But my privileges set barriers,

block my hopes & dreams about Palestinian Arab Jewish society.

I want co-existence, dialogue, normalization.

I know those are things I can't have under apartheid regime.

I want to follow my conscious ,

I want to protest & resist ,

but it seems that even my most sincere attempts are

not good enough. 

Linah Al Saafin says that as an Israeli,

I should be working for change within my own community other than attending west bank weekly demonstration.

I am a private person, not an NGO.

Right now,

there is no active group in Jerusalem that calls for 1 state,

equal rights & right for return in Jerusalem & I lack the resources & ability to

mobilize people into starting such.

I think the best chance we have for change  for the Israeli society is by pressure from the outside,

as result of BDS movement activity.

I am also part of national liberation struggle, simply because I am not  a nationalist.

I can not, under any circumstances,

support violence against civil population.

Under those boundaries & limits,

I will go protest wherever I am wanted/ needed / useful,

& I will stand with those who are willing to stand with me.

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