#Susiya 22.06.2012

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What will IOF demolish in Susiya?

50 houses received demolition orders. But I did not see 50 houses in Susiya.

All I saw were tents and caves, and the people of Susiya are not Bedouins.

They did not choose to live like that.

Every time they try to erect some kind of permanent structure,

it is being cracked up by the army.

What crime did the Palestinian people of susiya commit,

other than being Palestinians in territory C ,

an area in PA israel is wanting to be ethnically cleansed? I don't know.

Right below Palestinian Susiya, sits the Zionist Susiya,

its European style villas have red roofs to shield their residents from the scorching desert sun.

" What do you want from us?

we want no trouble with you. we did not attack you.

Just leave us alone, go home, do not destroy our homes.

Do you see this? that is our mosque, we wash our hands,

we pray there, why ruin it?"

The plight of this elderly Palestinian man fell on deaf ears.

Soldiers can not listen to people.

I am guessing people learn to shut their hearts, ears, eyes

, and minds when they join the army,

otherwise I can't explain how someone can be so apathetic towards another man's plight.

We came to Susiya, as many as 650 people.

I never saw so many Israelis crossing the green line to protest the occupation like this.

I doubted if the soldiers ever saw something like that either.

They seemed to be either confused or just being as dumb as military can be.

They brought skunk truck , moved it around to scare us, but didn't spray us.

They tried to arrest an elderly man but failed to do so.

They use protest disperse methods, such as tear gas, sound bombs,

pushing us back and pointing their guns at us.

The atmosphere between ourselves,

taking two steps away from the soldiers was rather warm & friendly.

We met each other, Israelis from across the country, as it was a big reunion event.

It felt nice, to be more than a few dozens of people for a change.

I was delighted to see  Palestinian people did attend this joint protest.

One person estimated the number of  Palestinian protesters in Susiya as 200.

This is not an obvious thing to me,

and I am grateful for their hospitality and generosity.

We did come to Susiya as guests on their land.

I hope to see free Susiya as guest when I come back.

I wish to see those people returning to the lands that were

expropriated to be used as archaeological sites,

I wish to see law used to make justice,

not to serve the privileged ones.

I wish to see law protecting this people from being abused

by those who are currently in power.

I don't know if  peaceful protests can achieve all that,

but we are not "free" to stop trying.



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