occupied-3 (poetry)

If I had a Palestinian brother,

I would tell him,

rise up, rise &

fend for yourself

they are all colonialists

, land thieves,

warlords & I am so tired

every day is Nakba,

living men are shuhada,

resisting with nothing but own exsitence

living men are shuhada, taken overnight,

abducted, missing but present

in every corner

I can see the faces of a prisoner

but I can no longer hear the laughter in my voice

If I had a Palestinian  brother

I would tell him to hide at my place,

promise to shield him with my own boy

when/ If they come for him.

I  sleep with one eye open,

I am possessed ,

I can't take my mind of the news,

my dreams are being expropriated


I am bleeding memories.

The sights I keep have burns &

blood  stains all over them.

I am bleeding reports, depictions, evidence

I am still alive,

let  the ground under my feet  be my cradle

let it be my comfort,

Let it will keep you alive

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