Houses (2)


sitting on a staircase at the Gilo ghetto compound ,

near a public housing apartment that was under threat of eviction,

I got  a message from @pizandbooby.

Court ruled against Palestinians in the lawsuit

pressed by far right NGO Regavim

regarding Illegal construction works in Susiya.

Rabbis for Human Right escorted the legal procedure

& requested that the court will ease the overall ban

on any construction work in Palestinian Susiya,

allowing individuals ,

as few as a couple of people to build on their own lands.

Following their invitation I attended the court discussion.

I was almost late,

preparing to catch an expansive taxi from the junction when a friendly voice called my name.

Brian, a fellow activist,

accompanied by his 2 years old boy was also coming to show support

with the plight of the indigenous people of Susiya.

So personally that was a bright spot in the dark-

if you attend activism events,

you will see the worst atrocities, unjust evil doings, violent ones prevail

but you may also meet nice  people who care , like Brian

(I am grateful for the ride to court he gave me)

Alas, the plight of Susiya people fell on deaf ears.

Not even as many as two houses can be built in Susiya

until court will reach a "decision" regarding that poor village.

Sometimes, "stealing a poor man's lamb" becomes a lame cliche.

The Susiya villagers came  to court in traditional,

fine clothing

I could not help but wonder   if that was an act of showing respect

towards a justice system that does not respect them.

They were dressed as Sheikhs, and I felt curiosity ,

that met my hidden orientalist tendencies to view them as exotic ,

as if they were living lives taken from history books,

making their living by agriculture & Shepherding.

I cannot even begin to imagine the implication of such arbitrary ruling on their

community or personal life, being denied from right to build on the very land that they cultivate.

Meanwhile, the same settlers who appealed to court against "illegal construction" are doing, guess what?

you are right. They are erecting clandestine houses with a lot of nerve.

Masters of the Land!

Make no mistake, This court ruling is not precedent but not unique.

It reflects a practice of ethnic cleansing elaborated well by Jeff Harper in this article

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