Houses (1)


the public housing company treats its clients to luxury condos


plush apartments.

The clients are also being spoiled with exclusive trust-building visits

by the local police in order to

increase the feeling of personal safety


The apartment  targeted by police today was located in a




however you call it

a neglected compound  that was once used as

temporary accommodation center

for fresh-coming immigrants.

Hezi, a delicate -looking man has been living in that place for eight years

He has 3 daughters. All were crying the whole time.

He has a severe kidney disease &

is currently participating a rehabilitation program to recover from drug abuse.

Hezi said "Amidar" public housing company claimed he needs to move out

so people who need

this place more than him can use it.

Hezi  receives 1.500 NIS (~500$) per months from social security services.

This is enough to die slowly, not enough to live even for one person.

He can't afford to rent an apartment elsewhere.

So he returned to the same place he was living in the past 8 years.

"Invaded it".

He wrote a letter to the welfare authorities,

explaining them the eviction warrant he got might be a matter of life or death,

but he was left unanswered by the welfare authorities.

It appeared though that the state was willing to spend time & effort to drive him out.

A couple of policemen were sent to his place to summon him for an investigation

regarding his invasion.

Terrified, he threatened to blow himself up with a gas balloon

if the policemen broke into the apartment.

Hama'abara activists arrived the scene & the policemen,

facing shooting cameras and angry activists changed their tone,

issued the warrant for interrogation and left the scene.

We learnt that eviction orders were issued  to several residents of the public

housing project in Gilo neighborhood as well.

The activist group Ma'abara aims

to launch a social struggle against the current public housing


Hezi himself agreed that something should be done as collective of people

who do not seek charity but demanding that the state

will recognize proper housing as basic human right & not a privilege.

On my way back home I recalled my bad times,

when I did not have a place of my own &

I needed to rely on the kindness & generosity

of  people who became so precious to me

& opened their houses & hearts to me.

For now, I have my own place, I am getting better

& i can actually feel alive once in a while

other just surviving.

I have somewhere to lay my head in ,

a place to be safe inside,

to tend world/ self inflicted wounds.

No place in the world I love better

than home.

Being homeless I believe is a matter of bad choices,

some taken out of misery,

some dictated by personality flaws-

but it also takes a

fair amount of bad luck,

unfortunate circumstances

& lack of support from the outside to hit that bottom.

It might not happen to anybody, but it might

as well  be closer to you more than you think.



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