man down. #Naksa day

The man's name is Ismail Khatib.

He lives in Sho3fat refugee camp.

He was marching in front of the people

carrying a black flag with a map

of Palestine & the key that

symbols the right of return.

And I saw his face as

They threw him on the ground.

Half a dozen of heavily armed soldiers,

. crushing  him towards

the cement road,

one man down

It was time to make an arrest.

It was time to make a human sacrifice

to the Idol of occupation.

The Idol of hate.

The Idol of brutal violence.

The Idol is hungry & can not be pleased with chanting

neither convinced by logic,

It was time to take a man down.So they did.

Took  a man down & throw him on the ground.

smashed him  Kick him. Choke him. Broke him.

Threw that man on the ground.

I threw myself on the ground too.

I am not part of their system.

I am a human & a sister too.

And from the ground, I could see his face.

The eyes of a wounded,

captured, tortured one,

he tried to tell me something,

to help him out or let him go,

but I could not understand what he said.

And they beat me up too.

They kicked me,

they stepped on my hand that tried to hold him.

They pulled my hairs & my head with my hair too.

Maybe one can learn how to take a beating.

I wish I could.

I am in pain.

And they took him

. they took Ismail Khatib away,

to where I don't know.

What else could  I do.  A man named Ismail Khatib.

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