Doing it right- my reply to @BekahWolf

Dear Bekah, I've read your comments about Israeli solidarity activists. I would like to reply to them without spamming you with twitter mentions, so I am posting this response here, at my blog. First, I don't know if the definition of "Israeli solidarity activist" applies to me. I am not officially affiliated with any group or organization ,and I represent no-one but myself. Second of all, I do agree with you that Israeli protesters should intervene in case occupation forces are attempting to arrest Palestinians. I  myself do so, although I often get criticized for that. I was also arrested for doing so in Bet Hanina, and I was charged with failing an arrest and assaulting a cop.  I was told by fellow activists that the way I did it was wrong (I hung myself on the hand of a police-man who was beating a protester) and my release on bail cost a lot of money.  I can't really brag about it, because the documentation of my arrest does not flatter me. Merely it does serve as evidence that I agree with you on that argument by actions, not words.

However, i feel offended by you referral to me, among others, as "Israeli solidarity activists". Surely, you can call me that, but I do not consider myself as such. I am a person who experienced individual suffering  & I can't change the things that happened to me. I can only act in attempt to prevent other people from suffering, suffering I can identify with but I can not understand having not experienced it myself, and I believe once can only understand the suffering he/ she endured by themselves. If I succeed in doing so, I am mostly healing my own broken heart, empowering myself by what you describe as solidarity (with other oppressed people). I do not wish to be praised for what I try to do & often fail – because I do what I do from self-centered reasons.

I also understand  that normalization with me as an Israeli might hurt the struggle, because apart from being an individual, I am also part of an oppressive system that should be objected . I am not asking you to be my friend. I ask you to share your experience & knowledge & tell me what I can do better, how to be more effective & efficient,   with my own limited resources & abilities, within the boundaries of my own limit. I ask you to bear with mistakes I make during the process of learning, because of lack of knowledge and experience, and not to undermine my attempts just because I am a privileged Israeli. Apart from that, I am an individual raised within a system that I was born to struggle against.


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  1. Haha you look really cool in the back of that car sis 🙂 Why if only there were others sharing your concerns as much it would have been a wonderful world 🙂 I like the wise sincere words and depth of your believes 🙂


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