The suffering of a privileged one

I like my privacy so much. I get so hurt when it's violated. I love being sheltered at my room, choosing for myself what part of the world I let in. I like to sleep, to clear the cache of my troubled mind, let it rest for a while.

Palestinian who go through night raids are being denied of those privileges.

I like my freedom, my ability to be able to manage my time as I see fit.  I like to go to other cities,

once in a while, just because it's a different place. I often lack the money or will to do so, but that is a nice option to have.

Palestinians who live in Gaza can't visit their families in the west bank when they want to. They can't go to universities in the west bank or enter Israel by will. They are forced to acquire permits, spend hours at checkpoints.




Baluch Sarmachar

During the 1948 Palestine war, some 750,000 Palestinians were expelled and hundreds of Palestinian villages were depopulated and destroyed

The Palestinians observed the 64th Yawm an-Nakba or Catastrophe Day, marking the forced exodus of Palestinians from their lands after Israel’s creation on May 14, 1948, on May 15. The ‘Nakba Day’ is not observed as an event but as the process of displacement, disenfranchising, and deprivation of Palestinians that it initiated and continues to blight them.

Last year’s Nakba Day march at the Lebanon-Israel border was called ‘March for the return to Palestine’ with protestors chanting, “By our soul, our blood, we sacrifice ourselves for you, Palestine.” Israeli forces, using live ammunition, had injured more than 100 protestors and killed six, among them two girls aged six and eight; in all 12 protesters died. Israeli firing on ‘Naksa Day’, meaning ‘Day of the Setback’, observed on June 5 to…

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