No violence, no views

Hebron al-Halil protest


If you have been following my reports on protests I've attended,  you know that I usually don't have breaking news, exclusive photos of injuries or arrests, exciting reports about riots & clashes. It is not that I intend to preach non-violence (I don't endorse violence either) to anyone, or that I dislike  thrilling action. I confess that I do like a lot of other people. However, I am not a professional journalist/ photographer/ activist- so I rarely have access to any of those. I try my best with the little means that I have, and I share what I think is interesting, important or worthy of paying attention to: mostly this is what people in protest say or chant, the people themselves, because whoever spends time & effort to show up to a protest ,  as "boring" as it may be, whoever escapes apathy & indifference deserves to be noticed, even if that person isn't a prominent activist or a feisty combatant. Not being professional Journalist frees me from the need to provide traffic/ views/ rating, thus allowing me to contribute my mere effort to raise awareness & attention & focus on smaller protests, silent demonstrations, amplifying news of  events that might not be heard out loud enough in my opinion,  such as Ma'asara (Haggai Matar does better than me in bringing those protests into the Israeli media) non violent protests, YAS Saturday protest events ,  etc.

I wish I could be so unselfish not to care wither or not I get views , subscribers, followers, likes & shares or gain popularity by posting stuff I captured. I appreciate it a lot , I enjoy it pretty much- but those stuff I share or post aren't really mine, these are not my own artworks or writings, my creation. They belong to the people who make them & I can merely be a channel to broadcast. The people who allow me to join them are surely not obliged to provide me photogenic bloodshed & violence to leech on. So in case you've been searching for such images you better move on, cause you won't find any of them here.

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