Usually, after I write something I feel committed to act according to it, follow my own words, however difficult it might be.

I have written before that being too much of "political left" means giving up on my own people, my own identity. I am a Jew that lives in occupied Palestine/ Zionist entity/ Apartheid Israel. I am not a Palestinian, although I try to stand in solidarity with them. I am , based on socio-economical evaluation of income, education (college undergraduate) , at the bottom of society. I belong with the people of the neighborhoods, as I grew up in one.

Injustice is injustice , regardless of race & nationality. I don't want to have double standards either. Don't want to answer why I care about Palestinians evicted from their homes, but couldn't care less when it comes to Israeli Jews.

Tomorrow it might happen to me as well.  The march began very near the place where I live and I completely endorsed some of its messages : end forced evictions either in Silwan or in Katamon, end discrimination (that is not less of a problem here than others) & racism, stop using state security as an excuse to ignore welfare, etc.

However, I was highly uncomfortable with the absence of Palestinians (as if they don't need social Justice) and lack of denouncement of occupation as form of injustice.

Further more, I met a childhood friend who was my activism mentor at 16, and became even more involved in professional politics later. I was saddened by the gap that was created between us,and by the feeling that that person does not make up his agenda on basis of true knowledge & connection to what is happening on the ground, what led me to believe he is infected by the general sense of Jewish paranoia that is associated with the idea of 1 state solution.  I gave him my phone number in hope we may talk later, and I will learn more about what makes him think the way he does, & I went back home, with a sigh.

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