Social Protests: It's Time to Go Left.

The Leftern Wall

At the protest tonight, the first revival of last year's "Social Protests," some chanted:

כל העם אופזיציה

(All the Nation is Opposition)

In reference to the recent creation of a new, controversial government coalition               (& to the government writ large)

Cute slogan. Let's talk numbers here, for a sec, though:

The new mega-coalition is currently surging in the low 90s in terms of Members of Knesset. There are 120 MKs. They were democratically elected (at least by those who get to take part in democracy here). There were about 2,000 people at the demonstration tonight in Jerusalem, and probably another 15,000 or so spread out around Israel. There are about 8 million citizens of Israel (again: these protests have yet to take a stance about those other few million non-citizens. You know, the Pale…whatevers)

It was neat last summer to talk about "the…

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