my arrest

Last time I was arrested I was charged with assaulting a cop. I  did not do such a thing. A cop was violently slamming a protester towards a car that was parking by. I hung myself on his hand , the hand that was hitting the Palestinian protester. I did not spit, kicked, slapped the cop. If the documentation of that event does not flatter me, It's ok. I can live with that. What I can't live with is the knowledge that a person endured violence in front of my eyes & I did nothing to stop it. I am not physically strong, but I hate, as everyone else do, to feel helpless. Sadly, living in occupied Palestine provides me a lot of opportunities to witness aggression.

Other than that, I think time has come to endorse civil disobedience based on one's individual capability. The government we have now might have earned the title of most racist, far-right government we ever experienced before, passing anti democratic laws & making two states solution a vague dream. There is a momentum building for eruption of third Intifida, that might lead to a violent crackdown on those partaking in it. The danger of war with Iran is unclear, yet worrying. It is time that each one of us will make his choice about where he or she stands. I would like to believe that if it will come to that, I would be poisoned for  not staying peaceful while they hurt my people.

Edit: I wish to hearty  thank all the kind people who helped me out while I was detained: the activists who blockaded the police car for two hours in solidarity with me, Lawyer Lea Zemel , Micheal, Alma Biblash. I hope the grace you have showed me will be reward.


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