The year is 1938

Today I was dreaming about catastrophe again with nuclear war, floods, and buses packed with students collapsing from mountain wars. This dream was pretty much as a result of the current events. There are always breaking news with flashing reports here but my feeling of urgency emerges from following reports of the worsening condition of the hunger striking prisoners, Thear Halahleh & Bilal Diab, and the threat (promise) of insurgence of third Intifada that might (may) follow the death of either one of them. I don't know what I fear more, the launch of an armed intifada, no intifada at all, or having situation as is and everything that is wrong to remain the same.

Another thing is the prompting threat of war with Iran, almost the thing I fear most since childhood.

I am no middle east expert nor an analyst but I think this may (might) be a time abandon political disputes and differences in agenda to break fire, and fire can not be broken with more fire, as said MK Dov Hanin.

This means that even though for the long term I wish to see a two state solution implanted. At the moment I am willing to co-operate and support any movement, group, party, or organization that demands the immediate unconditional retreat of the west bank territory and the dismantlement of all illegal settlements. I think such an act can help save lives.

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