The murder investigation of the Samouni family leads to no charges

The investigation of the death of members of the Samouni family during Gaza Strip war aka. cast  is closed.

Idan Landau – an Israeli blogger discusses what he describes as "A(l) Zaytoun Massacare ,that went almost completly off radar of the Israeli media during the weeks that followed the announced cease fire between Israel & Hamas.He describes how IOF soldiers ordered the members of Samouni family to stay home,thus indicating that the attacking unit was fully aware that no armed combatants were hiding there.He counts a few days of cease fire in which the soldiers prevented medical care from the wounded women & children that were inside the house. After reading the testimonials of the officers in charge, he mentions the number of times the Samouni familymembers were led inside the house, gethered & targeted to death if they tried to leave the house for food or escape, pre-intentioly. The investigation led to no charges to the officers involved.



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